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Today's lesson is on how to Pipe Peony.


Peonies are known for their large size.

Because of how they stand out, even adding one peony can make your cake gorgeous.

Let's make them in a variety of colours!

Once you've learned how to make the basic buttercream, give flower piping a try!
This lesson shows you how to pipe a sizable, dynamic peony!

Master Olivia's flower piping style!
This lesson shows you how to pipe a rounded peony
with careful and detailed explanations.

You can use buttercream to create cakes with flowers that look just like lovely real flowers.
They are beautiful to look at, and perfect for special occasions and anniversaries.

Have you ever wanted to make
these popular flower cakes in your own home?

"I couldn't follow the written recipe..."
"I don't have time to take a class, but I want to get better!"

If you've had similar thoughts, this online lesson by Olivia is recommended especially for you!

The flower cakes made by internationally popular Olivia are all so delicate and beautiful, it's almost a shame to eat them!

This lesson uses the kind of buttercream made in the video Maison Olivia Butter Cream to pipe a peony, explaining each step carefully.

The peony, sometimes called "May Rose," has a subtle and refreshing fragrance.
In Japan, it's commonly called Shaku yaku.

The gorgeous but humble peony is perfect to top flower cakes.

Learn the trick to beautiful piping, and you can create a unique and eye-popping cake.

You can also pipe them on top of cupcakes, or create
a flower cake with multiple peonies in various colors.

Watch Olivia's hand-movements and master the art of leaf piping!
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