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Today's lesson is on how to Pipe Tree Leaves.

■Tree Leaves

These leaves go well with many kinds of flowers.
Your decorations will look more life-like when you use both flowers and leaves.

Piping these leaves is a must-have skill. They can be used for roses and many other kinds of flowers!

Once you've learned how to make buttercream, give piping a try!
This lesson teaches you how to pipe tree leaves, which work as accents in many designs.

Mix and match with different flowers, and the variations are endless!
This lesson carefully explains in detail how to pipe tree leaves.

You can use buttercream to create cakes with flowers that look just like lovely real flowers.
These cakes are beautiful to look at, and perfect for special occasions and anniversaries.

Have you ever wanted to make
these popular flower cakes in your own home?

"I couldn't follow the written recipe..."
"I don't have time to take a class, but I want to get better!"

If you've had similar thoughts, this online lesson
by Olivia is recommended especially for you!

The flower cakes made by internationally popular Olivia are all so delicate and beautiful, it's almost a shame to eat them!

This lesson uses the kind of buttercream made in the video Maison Olivia Butter Cream to pipe tree leaves, and explains each step carefully.

Learn the trick to neat piping, and you can create
flower cakes of any kind with beautiful composition.

Greens can range from yellow-green to moss-green; make a variety of leaves using different shades for a lifelike look.

If flowers don't seem like enough, add leaves to add a touch of dynamic realism.

Watch Olivia's hand-movements and master the art of leaf piping!
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