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Maison Olivia Butter Cream

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Introductory lesson on buttercream for beginners!
This lesson will be going over Olivia's style of butter cream making.

This lesson will be on how to make
butter cream for butter cake.

There are many ways to make buttercream,
but we will be going over Olivia's style of buttercream making.

Buttercream is cream made out of egg whites and butter
that is used to decorate cakes.

Cake that uses butter cream instead of whipped cream
is called butter cake.

One feature of Olivia's butter cream is that it is not very sweet.

While it is possible to change the sweetness by adjusting the measurements of sugar in a typical recipe,
with this method you can make lightly sweet cream without adjustments.

To make this more accessible to beginners, topics such as

◯How thick the butter should be cut
◯What to be careful of when pouring in the syrup
◯How hard the cream should be when it is done

will be covered in detail.

The buttercream will be very important when creating the beautiful flowers.

The buttercream should have the appropriate consistency to make it easier to shape it into flowers.
The lesson will go over the steps, as well as what to be careful of,
for you to learn how to make the perfect cream to make into beautiful flowers.

Once you master the cream, you can move on to making flowers.
Let's try making all kinds of flowers and plants!
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