4. French Nails

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This lesson is on basic nail art designs that are a must for salon works.
Obtain great French nail art skills by following closely to ryo's lecture.

The lesson will cover ryo's own way of doing French nails.

There are many ways of doing French nails, but this lesson will focus on
techniques that will make any French nail lines possible with any type of nail gel.

French nails are known for their clean and sophisticated look.
They are versatile nails fit for any occasion and the design is popular with all age groups.

That is exactly the reason why
salon nail work for French nails is expected to have the highest quality.

This lesson will be focusing on
"how to use your brush in order to create clean and beautiful French nail lines."

Even if you're not the most skilled nail artist, by mastering these skills,"
you will be able to create quality French nails.

In addition, this video will talk about:

◯Understanding the characteristics of white nail gels.
◯Try them at the salon! The correct order for creating a set of French nails.
◯Tips on angling your brush.
◯Tips on creating French lines that suit the nail's shape.

And more...
By mastering ryo's techniques and rules,
You will be able to create a beautiful French nail art all the time, without fail.

The video will instruct you thoroughly on how to do art without making the design uneven
and how to create French nails that are absolutely stunning.

You can apply the techniques in this video to real-life salon work, immediately.

So get practicing, master the skills, and apply the techniques to your nail salon work, now.

You can also enjoy giving your nail art a twist by adding colored stones,
or other nail parts. Have fun!
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