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1. Extension / Repair

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About this video
An essential technique for salon work!

Learn how to create a natural-looking nail extension, and how to repair a nail quickly and surely.
The steps will be taught in detail specifically for salon work.

In this lesson, learn the essential techniques for salon work; nail extension and nail repair.

In a nail salon where customers with nails in a variety of shapes and conditions visit,
these techniques are essential in order to create beautiful nail art on any nail.

ryo's motto for performing nail extension and repair is "Natural, natural, natural".

Having a nicely shaped nail is necessary for any nail art.

In this lesson, learn the tips to make a natural looking nail.
The techniques will be taught specifically for salon work, where time is limited.

By using acrylic for nail repairing and extension gel for nail extension, learn

◆How to make the acrylic blend nicely with the natural nail
◆How to apply the extension gel
◆How to use extension form
◆How to file the extended and natural parts of the nail for a natural look
◆The position and order in which to pinch the nail
◆How to create a nice shape when filing the nail

along with many other fundamentals and tips
that will come in handy for salon work.

The lesson will cover everything from fundamental steps,
so it is recommended for aspiring nail artists and artist who want to review these skills.

Learn all of the steps to create a nicely shaped nail like ryo.

The techiniques are taught theoretically to answer the "why"s and "how"s
so you can deepen your basic knowledge.

Please watch this lesson multiple times and use the techniques shown at your salon.
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