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Real dry flowers embroidery on a 4 inch hoop

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For any kinds of interior decorations!
Giving you a lecture on dry flower embroidery.

This is a lesson on how to make embroidery designs using dry flowers and foliage.

These designs can be turned into eye-pleasing interior decorations, with the organic texture and the soothing atmosphere provided by flowers.

In today's class, you're going to be learning the very basics, through making a design centering on pink-colored flowers.
With the dry flower embroidery, you'll eventually be able to make any composition you like, weaving the stems through the mesh inside a hoop, and this is the very first step.

You might wonder, "Wouldn't these flowers easily fall off and crumble?"

No worries. Olga is going to be teaching you how to firmly fix the materials to the hoop.
This is the technique that has been applied to her collections of works,
so you will be ensured to be able to display the embroidery without such concerns.

She's also going to be giving you the following tips:

◯How to prepare dry flowers and cautions
◯In what order you should make designs
◯How to fix the flowers with the angle you like

among many others.

Going through her thorough lecture will surely form the basis of this art, before you can start your own works.

Once you have mastered the techniques introduced in this lesson,
you can apply them to making different motifs such as the alphabet shapes and the heart shape.

And if you want some challenge, you can try to combine letter designs to make an embroidery message.

After making it, display it and enjoy the elegant florals in your room.
It will be an amazing view if you can coordinate your works with many different flowers and colors.

With dry flowers, you can weave a charming gift as well.
A design based on their Initials could be a heart-warming present.

Learn, enjoy and try to make your own floral embroidery!

For your safety: Please beware some plants might be poisonous so don't put them in your mouth or eat them and keep away from kids and pets. For safety, always wash hands after dealing with plants.