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Design Denim

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We add a belt to a simple denim nail!
We will teach you how to make the design denim!

In this lesson, we will teach you how to create a design where we put a matching belt
on top of damaged denim.

The damaged denim we will teach you today uses different techniques
from the basic techniques that we taught you in "damaged denim";
we will explain how to create a realistic texture.

The belt adds an accent to the denim nail,
making it even more fashionable.

During the lession, you will learn:

◆An easy way to bring out the denim texture
◆How to use colors to make it realistic
◆Tips on how to nicely make the belt holes

We will thoroughly explain several points such as the above.

Brushwork, as well as thinness of the bursh, is very important for creating a more realistic look,
so we will heavily focus our lesson on those points.

Just changing the color of the belt changes the impression drastically.
After you master it, change the color and try out different arrangements.

You can use a rather calm brown like in this lesson,
or you can use a lighter brown, like beige, and enjoy a completely different mood!

Those of you who have never tried denim nails,
or for those of you who just want to increase your variation of denim nails,
please try and master this.

If you want to learn other denim designs as well,
this lesson set is recommended!

Music in this Video: pwoodford by Peter Woodford