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Incorporating the latest trend, herbariums, into nail design.
We will give you a lesson on herbarium art, which has an attractive transparency and depth to it!

In this lesson, we will lecture you on a sparkling nail design,
which represents the clearness of a real herbarium.

A herbarium is a collection of preserved plant specimens.

By dipping preserved flowers and dry flowers into an oil,
it allows us to enjoy a watery flower for a long time, and it is gaining increased attention these past few years.

Using the flowers that you like, and from the cuteness when you put them in a transparent bottle,
there must have been many of you who wanted to make it into a nail design.

In this lesson, we will teach you how to express the chracteristics
of the herbarium on the nail.

It is not just about putting on flowers and parts on,
but there are several important points to make it fancy.

◆How to pick the color of the flowers to scatter around
◆Where to put the glitter
◆How to express the freshness of the flower
◆Tips on how to create a sense of depth

Centered on the above points, we will lecture you on how to make
a realistic herbarium with a beautiful transparency.

Additionally, we will explain where to put the stones for a balanced finish,
and how to express the enclosed state of the flowers.

Dryflowers for nails are sold in many different colors,
so please collect colors of your choice, and make your own original herbarium.

After you master it, other than using different colors,
you can try making with only small flowers, or making a herbarium french.

Please enjoy different herbarium on your own!