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Mile-long Leg Exercises You Can Do at Home Twice a Week!

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Exercises you can do at home!
A set of easy exercises that will strengthen your upper body!

In this lesson a personal trainer JUN shows
at-home exercises that will tone your upper body.

The feminine impression of a slim body shows on the upper body.

Your upper body is what gives the slender image
when you wear ribbed sweaters and fitted shirts.

This lesson shows several exercises that focuses on toning the upper body.

Doing these exercises that tightens upper arm and get rid of bra bulge
will create a feminine, slim upper body.

Continuing is the key to a successful exercise.

The original exercises JUN shows can be done any time at home and easy to continue.

① Lat Pulldown
② Kickback
③ Pushup
④ Reverse Pushup
⑤ Triceps Extension
⑥ Back Twist
⑦ One-hand Drawing

These 7 exercises are introduced in this lesson.

JUN explains the points to remember for an effective workout
as she demonstrates each exercise.

All of these exercises can be done at home. Even if you can't find the time
to go to a gym you can still comfortably workout at home.

These exercises are perfect for those who want a slim upper body
or want to shed some fat around upper arm and back.
Take this opportunity and try these exercises!

Once purchased you get an unlimited access to this video
so try these exercises after work or on a relaxing weekend!
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