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Twice-a-week, simple exercises to do at home for a beautiful belly and waist!

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Work out at your home!
Simple exercises you should try for a beautiful waist!

Our personal trainer JUN will show you exercises
you can try at home for a beautiful belly.

Every woman longs for a slim waist.
Waist-in clothes and one-piece dresses with a beautiful waist
are appealing fashion items that make women look more attractive.

In this lesson, you will learn exercises that focus on the waist.

By twisting your body and training your abdominal muscles
anyone can have a slim waist.

Exercises require you to put in a consistent, steady effort.

You will learn the following seven pieces of training you can easily do at home;

1. Crunch twist
2. Knee-to-chest
3. Leg raise
4. Ankle touch twist
5. Trunk twist
6. Twist
7. Twist part 2

They are simple exercises which you can do every day.

JUN will teach you the exercises while pointing out different things
you must take note to maximize the effect.

These are the best home-exercises for those of you that
do not have the time to go to the gym.

I don't have time to go to the gym. "I want a slim waist." Do these words ring a bell?
Try our exercises and get a beautiful belly and waist!

You can watch the lesson as many times as you want,
so try them out after work or on relaxing weekends,
and get those slim waists!
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