Kawaii Icecream Charm

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A lesson by Lynn!
Let's learn how to make cute ice cream charms together!

In this lesson, you will learn in detail how to make an ice cream charm that can also be attached to a strap to form a cute accessory!

Using polymer clay as the main material, learn how to make an adorable ice cream charm that has large, round eyes and a slightly troubled expression!

Lynn will teach you how to make these cute charms that can be turned into strap accessories in way that's extremely easy to understand! With her tips and tricks, even beginners and children will be able to make them with ease.

Specifically, you will learn:

◆How to make a realistic ice cream cup
◆How to form the ice cream
◆How to secure the metal parts in the clay
◆Tips for creating the expression of the ice cream
◆How to apply just a little bit of color to create the blush

among other things. You will learn in detail about a wide range of techniques that can be used for different kinds of crafts in this jam-packed lesson.

Since it's a simple process and requires very few materials to carry out, anyone can make this charm. Why not give it a try with your kids at home?

Once you master the art of making the ice cream cup, you can make an infinite number of ice cream designs to go on top.

We'll be making grape-flavored ice cream in this lesson, but you can change the flavorto strawberry, or melon, or anything you like. You can also add tiny ornaments to the ice cream to act as toppings. Feel free to experiment with the design!

You can display the completed charm as an ornament in your room,
or attach a strap to it and hang it on your bag or your phone.

Even if you're a beginner, please take this opportunity to learn the basics of making an ice cream charm and feel free to change it up and create your own original design!
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