Kawaii Unicorn Charm

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The popular British artist Lynn's lesson in now online!
Explaining how to make a super "kawaii" unicorn charm.

In today's lesson, Lynn is going to lecure how to make
a rainbow-colored unicorn charm through her own style.

The unicorn is a legendary creature that has one long horn on the forehead,
whose figure is said to be akin to that of a horse or a lamb.

In this lesson, we are going to be making the creature
in a rather cute and colorful way, using polymer clay.

◆How to make pastel rainbow colors in her own way
◆How to make the rainbow-colored horn and tail
◆How to make the thin lines for eyelashes and eyebrows

These are some of the useful tips to make the charm
lovely in every way, including the silhouette and the facial expressions.

The process is actually quite simple,
and even polymer clay newbies can follow it.
So please try this out yourself!

In this lesson, we are going to use the rainbow colors for the horn and tail
and make her face smiley, but it can also be arranged in any other ways.

Make the colors lighter or darker, or make the unicorn wink instead of smile.
You can make your one and only unicorn.

After it's complete, we are going to be putting an eye pin to make it a charm.
This way you can use it as a keychain or put it on the zipper of your bag.
You can simply display it in your room without putting the eye pin.

It will also look pretty if you make a lot of them and pose them altogether.
Please try making the kawaii unicorn in your own way!
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