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【w/Recipe PDF】Cookie Cream Sandwitch Candle

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The Instagrammable candle that you want to make and line up!
Learn how to make the cookie cream sandwich candle!

In this lesson, the easy steps to make
the cookie cream sandwich candle will be taught.

The pastry that has cream in between the cookies
gives a great impact with it's volume and the cream sticking out.

They are so cute that you will want to make a lot of them!

In this lesson, learn how to make it into a heart shape
to give it an even more pop and cute impression.

As you learn how to make the cookie cream sandwich,

◆Tips to give the cookie a realistic color
◆How to easily make and decorate the stick below the cookie sandwich
◆How to make the ribbon decorated on the top right side
◆Tips to make the whipped cream

will be taught along with the key points for making it pretty.

This time we will use pastel blue, but it can be made in any color you want.

Make it pink, make it a darker color,
or change the color of the letters to give it a different impression.

The colors of the cookie dough can be a natural baked color
or a darker color depending on your image of the cookie.

Give the stick part different designs to give
a pop impression or a simple impression.

Please master the techniques and try making a lot with different colors!
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