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【w/Recipe PDF】Cupcake Candle

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This lesson will teach you how to make a cupcake candle,
the very embodiment of loveliness which you can give many different color arrangements!

This lesson is about cupcake candles,
the kind of candles you want to make many in different color variations.

With plenty of cream on a sponge cake,
cupcakes are known to be one of the loveliest desserts today.

With Kaori Horisaki as the lecturer, you will be learning how to give
the realistic feel of a cupcake on top of the loveliness.

The charm of cupcake candles is in the wide variety of arrangements you can make,
by changing the color of the cream on the sponge.

Kaori will give you a thorough tutorial on the cupcake candle
so that you will be able to enjoy making different variations after learning how to make the candles.

◆The right texture of the whipped wax to create a sponge for the cupcake
◆Making a realistic cherry in simple steps
◆Making whipped cream with a fine texture

These are some of the many key points this lesson will teach you
so that you can make a lovely, realistic cupcake.

You can apply the techniques in other candles too, so let's learn the techniques to expand your repertoire!

The cream on the sponge will be a pink cream today.
Using a pastel-blue, yellow, or purple will make the candle just as stylish and lovely.

The candles can be made in different sizes, so once you've mastered the tutorial,
feel free to make the candles in whatever size you want!

The lesson will be using a color sheet.
A tutorial on color sheets is available in another lesson; "How to Make Color Sheets."
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