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【w/Recipe PDF】Strawberry Parfait Candle

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Kaori's popular artwork!
How to make the strawberry parfait will be taught in this lesson!

In today's lesson, the strawberry parfait,
a popular art on Kaori's Instagram, will be taught.

Many techinques are applied in making the strawberry parfait.

How is this made...?
It looks difficult at first, but the techniques themselves are simple.

You will enjoy making them once you master the instructions.

In this lesson,

◆how to make the strawberry sauce
◆how to make the whipped cream to put inside and outside of the parfait
◆how to make the strawberry
◆how to make the sponge and the cornflake
◆how to make the strawberry ice cream
◆how to make the powdered sugar

will be explained,
and the techiniques necessary will be lectured.

Pay attention to Kaori's key points and tips.

Not only does she teach how to make it,
but she will also teach how to color it so it will look realistic
and how to bring out the realistic texture.

The instructor will explain in detail
how to make a candle look like an actual strawberry parfait.

This time we will use red, a standard color for a strawberry
but this can be made in any different colors.

Make it pink and it will give a cute pop impression.

Please master the various techniques
and make your original strawberry parfait!
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