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How to Make Color Sheets

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Lesson for beginners!
Learn how to make color sheets that can be used in various artwork!

In today's lesson, Kaori will teach how to make the color sheet
which is essential for her artwork.

The color sheet is wax that is made into a sheet with colors.

By using the soft type microcrystalline wax,
it makes the sheet very soft and can be used as a clay in the artwork.

Use the color sheet to make any shapes
and by using it as a part of a candle, it can be applied in many different artworks.

Kaori will explain how to make this useful color sheet in her own style while explaining

◆How to make the bat for the sheet
◆A recommendable item to use as a tray
◆How to make a neat sheet

These will be explained in details.

This time, we will make a pink color sheet
so you will learn what colors to mix to make a soft pink color as well.

You can make color sheets in any colors,
and they can be made in advance.

If you make several colors at once,
you will be able to use it whenever you want. It is a very helpful item.

Please master it and broaden your artwork!

After learning how to make the color sheet,
try making Kaori's artwork "Cookie Cream Sandwich" that is made from color sheets!
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