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How to Compose a Story and Panel Layout

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Watch this lesson video once you have learned how to illustrate expressions and add effects!
Learn the approach to the structure and tips on the panel layout.

In this lesson, learn the key to thinking about the structure and tips on the panel layout
that Junna usually uses when she creates manga.

After mastering "Drawing Basic Expressions" and "Drawing Sophisticated Hands and Adding Effects",
let's actually start creating manga.

Creating manga isn't just about dividing the page into several parts
and illustrating the story in order.

To entertain the readers, you must think about the structure as you keep the merits of manga in mind.

The interesting thing about manga is that the story won't continue if you don't turn the pages.

Junna will teach the approach to the structure utilizing this characteristic,
and how to create the storyline so that the readers will enjoy the manga.

It is okay if you have just started creating manga.
Junna will carefully teach the points and tips.

Also, along with the approach to the structure,

◆The basics of panel layout and tips for more advanced panel layout
◆Tips that Junna uses to stay motivated
◆Drawing materials that Junna recommends
◆Apps that Junna uses and recommends

will also be discussed.

Along with tips on how to create manga, learn practical tips such as
how Junna deals with times when her motivation is low.

You can learn practical tips as you enjoy learning how to create manga,
so master the tips taught in this lesson and try creating lots of daily manga.
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