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Drawing Sophisticated Hands and Adding Effects

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The lesson to watch after mastering the basics!
Learn many techniques to bring out the characters' expressions.

In this lesson, Junna will teach how to draw sophisticated hands
and how to add effects to express the characters' emotions.

In the previous lesson, "Drawing Basic Expressions",
Junna taught how to express the emotions of characters better.

Using those tips, you will learn how to draw hands and effects
to show the emotions of the characters in this lesson.

The hands tend to look like symbols when you draw them without much thought.
The expressions of the characters will be lightened
if you can't draw hands that match the emotions.

In this lesson,

◆Points to notice when observing an actual hand
◆Tips for drawing hands that portray emotions
◆The order to draw in to get a balanced illustration
◆Things that you can draw other than hands to portray emotions

are some of the main things you will learn.

Learn the points and you will be able to draw hands
that portray emotions with no difficulties.

Effects can also help you express the character's emotions.

In this lesson,

◆Effects to use when you want the reader's attention
◆Effects to bring out bright emotions
◆Effects to express brilliance
◆Effects to bring out a troubled emotion
◆Effects to use for sad emotions

are the effects that will be taught.

Master these techniques and add variety to the way you illustrate emotions.

Also, enjoy Junna's humorous talks!
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