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Basic Expressions

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The popular instructor on Instagram Junna Kobayashi's lesson!
Learn how to draw a facial expression that100% conveys the character's feeling!

In today's lesson, Junna Kobayashi who is good at drawing daily life manga
will teach you how to draw the character's facial expressions.

Junna Kobayashi started updating daily manga on Instagram
and made 52000 followers in only half a year!

She became a super popular manga artist and even published a book.

The characters that she draws are not gorgeous like girl's or boy's manga.
They are deformed characters that have a sense of affinity.

There's a disadvantage that anyone can draw this kind of characters,
but her motto is "quite good for a drawing that anyone can draw".
She will teach how to draw characters with love.

Learn what Ms.Kobayashi values when she draws manga,
and centering the key points of drawing facial expression with movement and winsome,


four of these facial expressions will be taught how to draw.

Not only will we draw 4 facial expressions,
but will teach how to draw depending on how you want to express the feeling,

This lesson will broaden the facial expressions of a character for sure.

For people who have wanted to draw daily manga,
or who have been drawing them but haven't improved,
let's start with this lesson!

Please give attention to Ms. Kobyashi's talk too!
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