Chunky Crochet Basket

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Presented by a well-known Australian crochet artist, Robyn Hicks!
A lesson on how to make a chunky basket with thicker yarn, for crocheters who want to try a bigger project.

In this class, you're going to be making a basket with soft and thicker yarn that has cottons in it.

Because of the way she makes this chunky basket, you can adjust the height as you like, depending on its purposes.

Once you've mastered the techniques, you can apply them to making a basket in different sizes.

You can use this item as a yarn case, a fruit basket, or maybe even as a plant pot cover.
It's very practical and useful in many ways.

It should be a great pleasure to be able to use what you have made on your own in daily life.

So this is what you're going to be learning to make, from scratch.
Start with the circle bottom, and continue to build up the side and complete the basket shape.

And here are some of the useful tips she's going to give you in this lesson.

◆How to make handles
◆How to tidy up yarn
◆How to build a fluted edge
◆How to smoothly connect the first and the last stitches

After completing the lesson, you can try various colors to make you own basket.

Colors that match your room, or colors that match the season...
It's fun just to think of what colors to pick!

You might wonder how Robyn's basket is so simple and yet cute and adorable.
The key is in how she builds its shape, and you'll see it in this video.

This round, chunky and plump basket can just fit in any kind of room, as long as it's in the right size and colors.
Make it for yourself, or you'll surely be appreciated if you give it as a gift.

Follow Robyn's instructions, learn and try to crochet this charming basket!

Note: the terminology used in this lesson is the U.K. terminology.