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Terrarium using three succulents

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Try making your own interior terrarium clay art!
We will lecture you on how to make a terrarium- featuring three succulents!

In this lesson, we will lecture you how to make
a hand-made, succulent terrarium.

A terrarium is the technique of growing plants in a glass bottle.

We will use polymer clay to make three succulents
and arrange them in a glass dome.

In this lesson you will learn;

◆how to capture the characteristics of succulents and form them with clay.
◆how to place the leaves so that they are well-balanced
◆how to dye just the tip of the leaves red
◆what to use to prevent the clay from deforming when drying

along with how to make the three succulents.

We will walk you through the process of making realistic succulents.

We will not just roll up the clay to form the succulents,
but will make the leaves one by one
thinking how to best give the plants solidity and movement.

Changing the nuts and the ribbons
will drastically change the impression of the terrarium.

Choose the decorations and the ribbons
that go best with the interior of your room.

Watch our lesson and try making your original terrarium
using different colors of polymer clay!

If this is your first time making succulents with polymer clay,
begin with watching "The basics of polymer clay"
and learn how to use and color polymer clay!
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