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Succulent Key Ring Charm

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Turn succulent plants made from polymer clay into accessory parts!
We will make key chains of succulent plants, whose color can be arranged as well.

In this lesson, we will make key chains from
succulents made of polymer clay.

The key chain made from succulents and accessory parts has
an antique mood, but the vivid colors of the succulents adds a good accent.

You can of course put it on your bag or on your keys,
but you can also hang it on a wall and enjoy it as a display.

In this lesson, you will learn the following skills
as we create the key chain.

◆How to make the leaves of the succulents
◆How to combine the leaves to make succulents
◆How to connect the meal plate and the key holder chain

Other than these points, we will lecture you on how to
make the key chain even cuter!

Once you master how to make it, you can arrange it however you like.
Just changing the shape and color of the meal plate will allow you to create a key chain with a completely different mood!

In this lesson, we make succulents using pink polymer clay, but
depending on the color you use, you can also create key chains with different moods.

The steps are easy, so you can make it with your children,
and also enjoy making different types of key chains with different colors!

If it is your first time using polymer clay, take a look at a different lesson, "The basics of polymer clay"
and master the use and coloring of polymer clay before taking this lesson!
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