Planting Sedums in a Mini Cup

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After you master the basics, we go to a full-scale lesson.
We will plant sedums made from polymer clay in a mini cup!

In this lesson, we will use what we learned in a separate lesson, "the basics of polymer clay,"
to make mini sedums, and plant them in a cup.

Sedums are succulent plants, and belong to the stonecrop family.

The collection of round leaves make it look very cute.
Also, the shape/size of the leaves, and the color variations are numerous,
and since it is easy to grow in Japan, it is a very popular succulent plant.

In this lesson, Kitanoko will teach you how to
reproduce this lovable appearance with polymer clay.

We will plant the sedums together in a small cup.

◆An easy way to make the leaves of the sedum
◆Tips on how to make a lot of leaves without the clay drying
◆Tips on how to combine the leaves to make the sedum

centered on the above points, we will lecture you on how to make a realistic sedum.

Once you master how to make the sedum, you can arrange it freely.

Sedums with red tips,
light green/yellow sedums exist as well,
so try making a sedum that you like!

In this lesson, we decorate the cup with summer themed parts such as sea shells,
but you can make the decorations of your choice depending on the season!

For polymer clay beginner, use this separate lesson, "Basics of Polymer Clay"
to master the basics skills and required knowledge on polymer clay,
and try the sedum planting in a mini cup!