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The basics of polymer clay

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Lecture on the basics of polymer clay.
Beginners should start with this lesson!

In this lesson, we will lecture you on the basic skills and knowledge you need
before starting to make anything specific with polymer clay.

Polymer clay is a polymer based clay, which dries naturally.
In English, it's called "Polymer Clay," and it's sold in dollar stores,
making it one of the easiest clays to get a hand of.

Different from the paper clay that we are all familiar with,
it is characterized with transparency and resiliency when dried, and it is also water resistant.

Also, it is used often in miniatures and accessories due to its shine.

It's only been a few years since polymer clay has started gaining popularity.
There must be many of you who haven't used it before.

In this lesson, we will teach you the necessary skills and knowledge required
before we make cute polymer clay accessories of succulent plants,
like those made by Kitanoko.

◆Basic and convenient tools to have when making miniature succulent plants with polymer clay
◆3 ways of coloring
◆Characteristics of polymer clay
◆Tips on how to nicely make the work

Centered on the above points, we will explain the basic skills and required knowledge
when dealing with polymer clay, all in this one lesson.

Knowing and understanding the difference in characteristics between paper clay and
polymer clay will allow you to make it nicely and to your liking.

Once you master it, it is easy to use.
Master the basic techniques, and use it to make specific works.

Once you master the basics, you can go on to making specific works of art.

Please try the planting of sedums in a mini cup!
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