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【Intermediate Lesson】Hamster Strap Day 2

Try this video once you master the basics♪
This video will teach you how to make a realistic looking hamster with needle felting.

This video is for those who mastered the basic skills for needle felting,
and will teach you tips for making a realistic animals through making a hamster strap.

Needle felting is a craft of felting a piece of wool with a felting needle to make a shape of something.
To make a realistic looking animal, you need to know several tricks.

While making a hamster strap, you'll learn tips and tricks to make a realistic animal,
so don't worry if you've never made realistic animals before. This video will teach you;

◆How to make a base that will lead to a clean finish
◆How to make facial expressions and hands and feet for a realistic look
◆Tips for coloring the hamster

Skills such as above are taught and thoroughly explained
so that you can make realistic looking animals through needle felting.

Once you master the skills, try to make more in different colors!

With this lesson, you will be making a gray hamster, but
you can make a hamster in the same color as your pet hamster
or your friend's hamster♪

Once you are confident with the skills you learnt from this video, try 上級編!

You can try for an advanced level needle felting with which
you can create a larger and more realistic looking things than the hamster from this lesson.

Take small steps from cute looking animals to more realistic looking animals
and make variety of animals ♪
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