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Make a doll from resin clay and wool!
This lesson teaches you how to make a lovely "spirit of a bell" by Catherine!

This lesson features on how to make a tiny and lovely spirit using special clays for doll craft.

It is a spirit holding a bell and looks so lively.
What tips are hidden to make the doll look so realistic?

In this lesson, you will learn to handle and shape up the clay, and also the tips for coloring and creating sophisticated colors.

Other tips talked about are:

◆ How to make a realistic facial expression
◆ Items for eyes that give a shine like real eyes
◆ How to make realistic ears with veins
◆ Extra works to make the doll look more lively

Lots of techniques and details are taught by Catherine in this lesson - which cannot be learned anywhere else.

A finished doll can hold other items than a bell at your choice.

Let's try and make a special spirit just for you by changing the facial expression and the item to hold to your original style.

One doll is cute enough, but it will be so lovely to have many dolls around.
Having lots of different faces, it will be a nice decoration for your house.

Once you learn to handle the clay for doll craft, you will be able to arrange things in your own way.
Please enjoy learning how to make a lovely and lively spirit today, and use the techniques to make more varieties.
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