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Voice: Russian, Subtitles: English

Learn how to make a Candy Mouse with Catherine!
In this lesson, you will learn the basics techniques of working with clay!

In this lesson, Catherine will teach you
how to make a mouse and its sweet home, using polymer clay!

Learn the basics of working with polymer clay while creating a candy house!

In the first half of the lesson, you will make the candies, and the last half, the mouse.
You will learn not only how to work on the shape and the colors of each piece,
but also all her tips on how to create a unique texture and how to give your art that realistic touch.

One of the biggest benefits of learning with Catherine is her attention to realistic details.

You will also learn:

◆How to create the facial expression of a real mouse.
◆How to avoid the project from collapsing while baking the clay.
◆How to make the baked clay unbreakable for the final touches.

... and much more!

Let's have fun creating a Candy Mouse and learning the basics of polymer clay.

Catherine teaches us everything from the very start to the end in this video lesson.
You can repeat parts that are a little more complicated and rewatch until you master the technique!

Once you master the technique, go ahead and try making your own original Candy Mouse!
The number of colors and facial expressions you could try on your Candy Mose is infinite!

Can you imagine how cute it would be to have
different kinds of Candy Mice standing next to each other in a row?

In this lesson, you will be able to master the basic techniques of polymer clay.
You can use those techniques to challenge yourself with other projects as well!
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