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Simple and Easy! Making A Candy Heart Cookie

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Simple but cute!
Method of making icing cookies which is perfect for posting on Instagram will be explained.

In this lesson, the way of decorating candy heart cookies
with popular and cute design will be explained.

Candy hearts are lemonade-flavored sugar candies originated from America.

A wide variety of colours is used to create 3D hearts,
and it's cuteness can be seen from Kaori's cookie design.

Candy heart cookies—
cute and simple cookies that you would love to make a lot and to line them up.

To create 3D candy heart on icing cookies,

◆points to be noted when spreading icing
◆knack in spreading icing across the cookie
◆key of piping letters with balance

will be explained.
This lesson is recommended to beginners in making icing cookies, as the design is simple.

It's simple but popular and cute, and can be easily created within a few steps, which you would definitely love to make a lot of them.

Try to make a lot of them with different colours of hearts and letters!

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"The method of piping letters beautifully even if you are not good at it"
In the above lesson, the method of piping letters on candy heart cookies is explained!
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