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How to make and adjust the thickness of icing cream

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Learn from Kaori!
In this lesson, she will show you how to make royal icing!

In this lesson, Kaori will teach you how to make
royal icing from scratch.

Decorate cookies baked in all sorts of shapes with royal icing
to make icing cookies.

You can decorate cookies however you like with royal icing
to create your original icing cookies.

Icing cookies are getting more popular these days but
some of you might want to know how to make "Royal Icing"
because it doesn't sound familiar.

Quality of royal icing is the key to perfect icing cookies.

Even if you have great piping skills, you still need to know
how to make royal icing correctly, in order to decorate perfectly.

Learn important aspects of making royal icing, so that
you can start creating variety of decorations.

The most important process of all is controlling the thickness of the icing cream.

You need to control the thickness of the icing cream depending on
a location to decorate or a size of the decorating surface.

You need to add water to royal icing you already prepared to adjust the thickness,
but if you make the icing too runny, it will be too difficult to decorate perfectly
because the consistency of the icing is wrong for its purpose.

In this lesson, while learning how to adjust the thickness for different purposes, you will especially learn;

◆The order of mixing ingredients and mixing techniques to prevent flour from scattering
◆Why we color the icing cream before separating
◆Tips for filling cornet with icing cream

You can thoroughly learn tips for making perfect royal icing
which is easy to pipe with.

In the lesson, she uses dried egg white, but the video will cover
the amount you need if you want to use ordinary egg white.

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As a first step for making delicate decoration cookies like Kaori sensei,
learn how to make perfect cookie dough as well.

Once you master how to make royal icing,
try to actually decorate cookies with it!

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you can learn how to decorate candy heart cookies!
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