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Baking crunchy cookies

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Learn from Kaori from Acorn Milk!
In this lesson, she will show you how to bake crunchy cookies!

In this lesson, you will learn how to bake crunchy cookies
which can be used for icing cookies.

Do you have any experience that
when you tried to bake crunchy cookies
they came out to be too hard or have cracks?

You may think that baking crunchy cookies without any mistake is too hard,
but actually, the process of baking cookies is
pretty simple.

By simply learning the tips and tricks for each process,
anyone will be able to bake yummy crunchy cookies.

In this lesson, while learning process of baking crunchy cookies, you will especially learn;

◆Ingredients to make the surface of the cookies smooth
◆The texture of butter to make the cookies crunchy
◆How to mix the dough after adding self-rising flour.
◆The temperature and time for baking cookies in an oven.

This video will show you so many tips
for baking crunchy cookies.

When Kaori sensei bakes cookies, the surface of the cookies become so hard that you cannot to break them by pushing with your finger.

The surface of the cookies are also very smooth and has no bumps
so they are suitable to be decorate with icing.

To make a delicate decoration cookies like Kaori,
let's learn to make perfect cookie dough first!
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