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Make ryo’s new agate-motif nail accessories using his limited edition stickers!

In this lesson, we will teach you how to make the newest gemstone parts popular at the BWJ 2018,
using stickers created by Ryo.

We will make it using stickers designed by Ryo, sold by Sha-Nail Limited,
and "slice agate -Gold-" from the Specimen series.

Sliced agate is made by slicing a gemstone called agate.

In this lesson we will make the parts by adding some touches to the stickers,
and we will properly convey the sliced state of the stone.

◆How to choose the sticker, and how to make them overlap
◆How to make the surface of the agate flat
◆How to make a base design that suits various arts
◆Tips for when you put on relatively large parts, and how to pick them
◆How to make it shine just like an agate stone

Including the above, we will thoroughly lecture you on how to make a beautiful slice agate,
and the process of putting it on the nail and finishing the art.

After you make it, learn the tips on how to place it on your customers' nails and use it in salon work.

Today we use a rather light blue to make the slice agate,
but once you learn how to make it you can freely arrange the color.

The stickers sold now contain various colors of slice agates,
so you can arrange it according to the color or mood that your customer likes.

Please master it, and make use of Ryo's gemstone art
in your salon work.

* This lesson uses a limited nail sticker.

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