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crystal stick 2.5D

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Learn “2.5D Crystal Stick,” ryo’s latest nail design featuring his limited edition stickers!

Today's lesson is on Ryo's newest crystal art using his own sticker creations,
which was very popular in the BWJ 2018.

We will make the 2.5D crystal stick using nail stickers designed by Ryo and sold by Sha-Nail Limited,
and "crystal stick -Matte Gold-" from the Specimen series.

Other than how to make the 2.5D crystal stick, you will learn;

◆How to pick the right sticker, and how to overlap them
◆Tips on how to paint monochromatic nails with clear colors
◆How to pick what parts to put on
◆How to best bring out the "crystal stick" feeling

Including the above, we have a lot of content packed for you.

In today's online lesson, we use a clear pink color as the base,
but you can arrange the colors freely.

The type of clear color you use allows you to make crystal sticks with a variety of moods,
so it is proposable to a wide variety of customers.

In this lesson, other than the pink color,
we will also lecture you on how to make the clear blue, purple, and yellow base colors.

Rather than using just one color, mixing various colors
will allow you to make a base color that further makes the crystal stick stand out.

Mixing which colors produce what kind of color, and why is it stylish?
What Ryo keeps in mind when making art
should help you too when you make your own art.

Please enjoy Ryo's new 2.5D art, which is neither
two dimensional or three dimensional.

* This lesson uses a limited nail sticker.

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