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Watercolor Technique☆Roz Version

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About this video
The super highly requested lesson now available!
"Teaching you how to draw characters using watercolor paint!

In this lesson, your instructor Masashi Takaki will demonstrate how to draw his original character, as he explains
tips on drawing a character, how to create colors, and how to use paints, etc.

His characters drawn by using paints are
known for its unique texture and delicate lines, which are unlike nail gels.

In order to use paints to its full potential,
you'll need to know how to handle it properly and how to use your brushes.

Not only will this lesson focus on teaching how to draw with paints,
it will also focus on the features of the paint.

The lesson will talk about how to create colors using paints,
how to make a coherent color scheme, and how to maintain the paints on your palette.

Moreover, this lesson will also talk about:

◯How to place the facial components of your characters proportionally
◯how to paint three-dimensional shadows
◯Tips on bringing out movement in the character's hair
◯How to make corrections when you make a mistake

and more...
The lesson is filled with useful tips that you can apply to a variety of paint nail art designs.

By mastering how to draw characters with paints,
you can learn how to apply the techniques to other paint-based character nails as well.

Since the basics are the same, by fully mastering the skills explained in this lesson,
you'll soon be able to apply the techniques to more advanced artworks.

Once you purchase it, you'll be able to watch the lesson over and over again,
so start brushing up your skills through lots and lots of practice.
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