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Elegant Transparent Flower

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A flower art drawn with gel!
An elegant nuance art usable for the entire year will be taught in this lesson.

In this lesson, learn Masashi Takaki's style of flower art with transparency.

The flower art will be composed with pastel colorings and will create a fluffy and elegant impression.

Flower art is popular among people of all ages,
so variation is essential for salon work.

The flower art taught in this lesson has a sense of nuance,
thus the art will be usable among people of all ages.

This lesson will be thoroughly explaining how to draw a petal with a sense of depth.
The simple process of applying the nuance colors is a must-watch.


◆How to create the base color for the art that has excellent compatibility with the skin
◆The necessary item to implement the elegancy
◆The extra effort in enhancing a sense of solidity

will also be taught.

The procedure will have simplistic steps, so once you master the method
the artwork will undoubtedly be successfull in the fields of salon work.

Once you master the methods for creating the art, you can arrange it however you like.

You can add darkened colors as a nuance for customers with an elegant vibe,
and enjoy the process by adjusting the colors.

Changing the color of the stone which you will be using for the finalization will change the vibe,
so try to complete the process with a color that matches the customer.

Furthermore, this flower art is compatible with your favorite base art and
the flower taught in this lesson, so please try to master the procedure
and make use of it in various fields of art!