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Pancake Charm with Plenty of Butter

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Felting needle for beginners!
Learn how to make a pancake charm with plenty of butter.

In today's lesson, we will teach how to make a pancake with plenty of butter
and how to make it into a strap.

The pancake that Chikuchikuya Chie makes is very simple
yet look delicious with the toasted surface and the plenty of butter on top.

The realistic golden toasted surface
and the big butter on top makes it look very delicious.

In this lesson, we will explain how to make these features.

The process is very simple
so it is recommended for needle felting beginners.

◯Basic steps to making the artwork.
◯Tricks to molding the needle felt.
◯Key points to coloring.
◯How to make the artwork into straps and the one extra step to make the thread invisible.

Centering the above, how to make a cute simple pancake will be explained in this lesson.

Once you master this, put it on top of each other on a plate, or make an animal hold it.
You can also enjoy it without putting the metal parts as a display.

By making several pancakes instead of just one,
they will look pretty in a row and you can acquire the basic felting techniques.

Please learn and try making your ideal pancake!

For needle felting beginners, please start from the free lesson "Basic Tools and Felting Techniques"
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