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Tools and Basic Felting

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Needle felting beginners must watch!
The basic lesson that will make you want to start needle felting!

Today's lesson is for needle felting beginners. We will teach
the basic tools for needle felting and the basic felting techniques.

Needle felting is a handcraft made by felting the needle felting with needles.

Needle felting might have an image of taking time and effort,
but you can purchase the kit from the 100 yen store
and it is becoming very familiar.

The main tools are the needle and the needle felting, but there are many types of needles
and other fun items that are helpful for needle felting.

There are many people who don't know what to prepare.

In today's lesson,

◆the basic tools for needle felting
◆tools that are useful
◆the basic felting techniques

will be taught.
These are basic knowledge and techniques that you want to acquire upon starting needle felting.

Master this lesson and you will be able to make a needle felting artwork.
Needle felting can be started very easily.

For people who have been wanting to do it
or have heard about needle felting,
please start from this lesson!

After learning the basics, try making the
"Pancake charm with Plenty of Butter" which puts color and make neater shapes in addition to the basic felting!
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