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Piping with Royal Icing and Perfume Bottle Cookies

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Now that the basics are finished, let's start decorating!
This lesson is on icing cookies with a perfume bottle motif.

This lesson describes how to make decorations in the shape of perfume bottles,
with the prettiness characteristic of Akina Matsuhira's designs.

It is possible to create multiple designs of perfume bottles by combining
the different ways of piping and expression introduced in this lesson.

These are the three main skills you will learn in this lesson.
On top of fundamental tasks like drawing lines and making icing bases,
the lesson explains skills that can be applied to other designs.

◯How to pipe dots
◯How to pipe teardrop shapes
◯How to express sparkles

Furthermore, various tips to improve the quality of designs
are described as well:

◆Things to be careful when covering large areas
◆Tips to draw neat lines
◆Ways to prevent collapses
◆Clues to keep balance in decorations
◆Hints on piping neat ovals and circles.

It is a very informative lesson.

Once you master the design, have fun experimenting with
different colors and ways of piping, according to your preferences!

The design looks great with various colors as shown in the lesson,
but it will also be pretty if you use pinky colors throughout.

Practice and master Akina's cute perfume bottle designs
with a delicate character created by their pastel colors and flower patterns.
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