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How to Make Royal Icing

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The basics of icing cookies!
This lesson is on how to create royal icing with the correct stiffness and cornets!

This lesson demonstrates the main process of making icing cookies,
creating royal icing.

The consistency of royal icing should be adjusted according to its use and the area it covers.

A beautiful decoration is possible only when
the consistency of icing is suitable.

In this lesson, Akina Matsuhira explains
her usual way of creating and coloring royal icing,
adjusting its consistency, and making cornets.

It covers the whole process up until putting the icing inside the cornet,
so it is a lesson recommended for beginners too.

The lecturer also explains:

◆How to make the icing shine
◆How to accurately check the consistency of icing
◆How to make cornets with sharp tips

as well.

The tips of producing attractive decorations
are described in detail.

Good royal icing, as well as a balanced cookie base,
is essential for icing cookies with delicate decoration.

With the right tips for creating and adjusting icing,
making icing cookies will get more enjoyable!

It might seem difficult at first, but try practicing many times
with this lesson.

Akina's lesson will be a great review for
those who are already used to making icing cookies.

Once you master making royal icing, actual application comes next.
Try out making "Perfume Bottle Cookies"!
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