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Cookie Dough Making & Baking

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A basic skill of icing cookies!
The instructor Matsuhira explains her way of making cookie dough!

This lesson tells you how to make cookie dough
for icing cookies.

She explains how to make low-sugar cookie dough
which she makes regularly.

To make a beautiful icing cookie,
it's important to know how to handle royal icing and how to draw lines with it.

But it's also important to know how to make cookie dough as its base.

In this lesson, the instructor Matsuhira explains her way of making cookie dough
from scratch.

She tells you how in details with some tips for successful baking.

◆Perfect thickness of cookie dough for icing cookies
◆Tools for making a flat surface
◆A tip on baking uniformly

etc. She explains all of the above
and how to bake low-sugar cookies
with an appropriate thickness.

As she also tells how to mix ingredients, how to store the dough, and tips on storing it,
there will be no problem if you are not used to making cookies.

Cookie baking is quite common and that's why it's good to get a hang of it.

The process itself is quite simple.

So master it and
upgrade the quality of your icing cookie.

After you've mastered how to make cookie dough, please use your dough and try
How to decorate a perfume bottle cookie with icing
as well!
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