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How to Make Sugar Paste

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It's applicable to various icing cookie designs!
In this lesson, the instructor explains a basic way of making sugar paste and how to use it in a design.

This lesson tells you how to make sugar paste
and some parts with the sugar paste.

You can definitely broaden your range of work
by mastering the basic of sugar paste which is applicable to various icing cookie designs.

While the instructor Matsuhira demonstrates how to make sugar paste from scratch,
she explains how to handle it, how to color it, and how to make flowers and ribbons with it.

With this lesson alone, you can master how to handle sugar paste
and tricks for making beautiful 3D parts.

In addition, she explains:

◆How to make sugar paste easier to handle
◆How to store sugar paste and its shelf life
◆About tools for neat cutting.

etc. She shows you how in a simple way so that
you can give it a try right away even if you've never handled sugar paste before.

As you can make sugar paste into your favorite shapes,
You can definitely broaden a range of your creations.

By adding some 3D parts to ordinary icing,
you can make it more cute and elaborate.

So go ahead and master the basic handling method of sugar paste
along with the instructor Matsuhira's original way of making flowers and ribbons
and try making various 3D parts with it on your own!

After having mastered the basic handling method of sugar paste,
go ahead and try
"Decoration of a perfume bottle cookie" which you can use the flower part you've mastered in this lesson!
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