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Learn 2 different types of roses♡Mini Monaka Lesson

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Lecture on how to pipe 2 different types of roses.
A lesson on the mini monaka, with a bean paste flower in-between!

In this lesson, we will make the bean paste flower mini monaka,
which is cute and small.

We will lecture you on how to pipe 2 different roses.
How to pipe a regular rose and a rose with frilled flower petals will be thoroughly explained.

Mini monakas with bean paste flowers in between are very cute Japanese sweets.
They are small in size, so making a lot of them and lining them up makes these
slightly sweet Japanese confectionaries look even cuter.

While piping 2 different roses with pink, blue, and yellow, we will explain

◆what angle to use for the petals to make it look even cuter
◆how to fix it firmly on the monaka
◆how to pipe the leaves and buds of the rose

and more, to make your monaka cute.

A characteristic of the rose is that depending on the level, the petals are facing a different angle.
Recreating that angle should allow us to create a cute rose.

Furthermore, combining it with leaves and buds will make it even more colorful.
Adding a tint of green inside the colorful bean paste flower
will make the rose even cuter.

Also, you can make it with any color you like,
so you can pipe roses with a variety of looks.

The mini monaka cup comes in different colors as well,
so pipe lots of roses and enjoy the combinations!

Bean paste flower beginners should take the lesson "Basics of flower piping♡ Making, coloring, and holding bean jam cream" first,
and then give the bean paste flower mini monaka a try!
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