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Printing Patterns for the Entire Cylinder of Diffusers

01 defuser square 01
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Answering the worries of porcelarts beginners!
This lesson will teach you how to apply transfer paper beautifully all around an aroma diffuser!

A must watch for beginners! Learn how to use transfer paper properly!

This lesson will teach you how to apply cute Arabisk pattern transfer paper all around an aroma diffuser.

Porcelarts lets you easily decorate tableware however you like.

Many people are enjoying this household hobby, especially with the wide variety of transfer paper patterns currently available.

One of the biggest worries of porcelart beginners is applying transfer paper to oddly-shaped porcelain.

"I just can't fit the ends together well..."
Worries like these are fairly common.

There are actually a few pointers for applying the ends of transfer paper neatly!

In this lesson, you'll learn how to apply the edges of transfer paper neatly together while watching Sayuli work on an aroma diffuser.

Once you master Sayuli's transfer paper application, you can use your skills for other designs.

You can make your own diffuser with your favorite transfer paper as well!

Online lessons also let you rewatch sections of the lesson, letting you review harder techniques.

Rewatch Sayuli's work over and over until you feel confident in your own skills.

This is your chance to take your first steps in porcelarts by learning the basic transfer paper application! Expand the range of your designs today!
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