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How to Draw A Black-haired Girl Day.1

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Learn to draw a rough draft for an illustration with SAI!
You will be shown every part of the drafting process.

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a black-haired girl in Gomen's style
using the paid drawing application Paint Tool SAI.

You will be able to see how Gomen goes through the drafting process,
and what she pays attention to in this process.

SAI is a major drawing application
with is characteristic for its simple layout and conciseness.

In this lesson, using SAI you will see the entire drafting process
and the below will also be taught.

◯Why you should use pink for your draft
◯The method and steps to make the drawing balanced
◯How to make the hair look shiny

They are all points that can be used while drawing with Paint Tool SAI.

Please use this chance to learn this.

You will be able to see the movement of the mouse, the type of brush is used
as well as the size of the brush,
so for those that are using SAI but still are unable to improve,
please watch this to learn and use it for reference.

Even for those that have never used SAI,
the steps will be outlined while drawing
so you can learn while observing.
Please give it a try.

After you've mastered this, try to draw your own illustrations.

Once you start the lesson, you can watch it as many times as you want,
so please rewatch it while drawing until you've learned!

After mastering Day.1 The Rough Draft, let's try
Day.2 Inking as well!
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