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Kesaran Pasaran Candle

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The candle that is being talked about is now available on online lesson!
We will give you a lesson on how to make a kesaran pasaran which you can make in different colors.

In this lesson, we will give you a lesson on making a kesaran pasaran candle
which ayano has been introducing over her Instagram and blog.

Kesaran pasaran, a fluffy animal that looks just like a piece of fuzz, is actually a mysterious creature.
Their existence has been reported since the Edo period but its identity has yet to be discovered.

Some say that kesaran pasaran is actually a rolled-up piece of animal hair or a cluster of plant fluff,
while others argue it is a larva of a wooly arvid, but the truth is a mystery.

The mysterious kesaran pasaran is a very good omen,
and catching one is said to bring good luck.

Today we will recreate the kesaran pasaran without using items like wool.
We will be making the creature with another one of ayano's mind-boggling ideas.

Throughout the lesson, you will learn

◆how to finish up neatly by getting rid of any air bubbles
◆how to add colors to the bottom and its tips
◆how to add a marble pattern to the bottom of the candle

apart from creating the features of kesaran pasaran.

We will make the kesaran pasaran candles
in steps so simple that you want to make many.

The lucky kesaran pasaran candles
are great for gifts.

You can arrange the bottom of the candles to the color you want,
so you can combine several colors to make a marble pattern
or use colors that go well with the season or your room.

Watch the lesson to master, and make lots of candles with different bottom colors!