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Lavender & Chamomile Candles

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Interior candle that gives a big impact!
This is a lesson on how to make a candle with lavenders and chamomiles.

In this lesson, you will learn how to make a cute candle with dotted designs
with lavenders and chamomiles on top.

This can be made in different sizes. The dotted design and the flowers
will bring a bright atmosphere to the room.
This is a candle with a big presence.

In today's lesson, you will learn the techniques below
as you learn how to make the candle with 3D flowers.

◆How to make the dotted design
◆How to make the flowers and leaves of the lavender and chamomile.
◆How to choose colors for the wax of the lavender and leaves to make it look natural.
◆How to apply the handmade parts.

Many techniques will be taught, and these techniques can be applied to different design candles.

The key point of Ayano's artwork is the color that makes it look natural.
Do not just choose the color of what you are making, learn how to choose the right colors and
how the colors give a natural look when they are mixed.

In today's lesson, we will use purple for the dots to give unity to the art,
but this can be made in many different colors!

This candle has a very big presence, so please try making them in colors that match
the room's atmosphere or the season.

The lavenders and chamomiles are very easy to make.
Master how to make these and use the techniques to create other design candles.

Please try making various types of lavender & chamomile candles!
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