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Tulip Sachet

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Enjoy a decoration with your favourite fragrance!
A lesson on making a whole Tulip Sachet from wax.

This lesson is on how to make a sachet with a motif of tulip,
which will be made only from wax.

Sachet is an artwork from France, made of a small bag with perfume such as aroma oil and herbs.

Sachet can be hung on the door handle or at the entrance,
and since it looks pretty, it is used also as an interior decoration.

Sachet can also be made from candle.

Aroma sachet is usually made from scented wax with
dried fruits and flowers decorated on it, but in this lesson,
we will make everything, including the flowers to be decorated, from wax.

◆How to make a 3D tulip flower
◆Tips to making a stem with a natural colour
◆How to easily put veins on leaves
◆The amount of fragrance to put on

These are a few of the points taught in this lesson.

By making the whole sachet from wax, you can enjoy an atmosphre unique to wax
that is different from that of sachets made from dried flowers or fruits.

Once you've mastered how to make it, you can put arrangements to it.
Depending on the use colour or the combination of colours, you can make tulip sachets with various atmospheres.

Also good to give it a refreshing impression with white base and blue colour.
Giving it a cute impression with warm colours is also lovely.

This lesson will definately broaden your range of artwork!

Learn how to make one and make your original tulip sachet
with different colours and positions of flowers.
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