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Flower Floating Candle

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Enoy with any colors you like!
In this lesson, you will be making a floating flower candle that floats on the water♪

This video will teach you how to make a floating flower candle that is
practical and made in many different colors.

The floating flower candle is a flower-shaped candle that can float on the water
so that you can enjoy the light of the candle.

Floating candles can be enjoyed in variety of ways, such as
in a bowl of water on a dining table, in a bath,
or in a mason jar.

One of the fun aspects of floating candle is that you can make them in different colors
so that you can make many candles depending on types of rooms or seasons.

The floating flower candles are so cute that
you might want to make lots of them♪

It's really easy to make them, so make lots of them
in different color combinations. This video will teach you

◆How to make the body with a mold
◆How to make petals in your favourite colors
◆Tips for placing the petals

You can learn skills such as above so that
you get all the tips for making the cute floating flower candles.

Once you master the skills, enjoy making more with your special twists!

Enjoy making floating flower candles in your favorite colors or
colors that will suit different rooms ♪
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