Wreath That Turns into Dried Flowers

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Enjoy the transformation after decorating!
Learn how to make a wreath using fresh flowers.

In this lesson, learn how to make a wreath that you can enjoy
as it transforms into dried flowers once you decorate it.

Use many fresh flowers such as smoketree, hydrangea, and ruritama-azami
to create a wreath with a subtle look.

By creating a wreath using fresh flowers,
it will turn into dried flowers once you decorate it.

The look of the wreath when the flowers are fresh and after they dry is different
so you can enjoy two different phases with one wreath.

The wreath will give off a different expression as time passes
so you will never get tired of keeping it decorated in your room.

In this lesson, learn

◆how to create a basic wreath using hemp cords
◆tips for adding the flowers
◆how to turn the vivid color of a hydrangea into a dull color

and other tips and tricks to create the perfect wreath.

In this lesson, Hashimoto will use summer flowers with dull colors
to create a wreath with a subtle look,
but you can arrange the flowers freely once you master the procedures.

Create a cute wreath by choosing
the color of the flowers around the pink hydrangea,
or use your favorite flowers.

Create your own original wreath using fresh flowers
and enjoy the process of it turning into dried flowers.
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