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Marble Lantern

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A piece that you can customize to your liking!
Learn how to create a marble-patterened lantern.

In this lesson, you will learn how to create a lantern that has a marble pattern on the surface.

The lantern, which you will be making with the materials used in candles, is an item that you can
place a small candle inside to enjoy beautiful light.

The light from the candle will shine through the marble lantern, creating a unique and fancy look.

The light from this lantern has a warmth that is different from electric and LED lanterns,
so it is an item that will be used heavily both as an interior and outdoors.

In this lesson, as you learn how to create such a marble-patterned lantern, you will learn

◆How to create a blend of wax that is suitable for making a lantern
◆The techniques and materials used to create the marble pattern
◆The right thickness of the lantern to create a beautiful atmosphere

and many other tips.

You will be learning how to make a marble-patterned lantern in this lesson,
but once you master how to make them, you can add your own touches.

As an example, you will learn how to create a lantern using pressed flowers.

As you can see, it looks completely different from the lantern with only marble patterns.

Not only does the candle lantern create a beautiful atmosphere,
but you can use it for as long as you want by changing the candles.

Please learn how to make the marble lantern
and try making lanterns with many different patterns!