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Sky Cube Candle

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Note: This online lesson does not yet have English subtitles. Our translating staff is currently creating the subtitles, so please wait until it is completed. If you purchase the lesson now, the subtitles for this online lesson will automatically be added once it has been released.

Express an ideal blue sky on a candle!
We will teach how to make a sky cube candle.

Today we will give a lecture on how to make a candle with a sky motif.
We will make it all out of a candle.

The sky cube candle that looks like the big sky cut out small
is a cute candle that will bring happiness just by placing it.

However, when you light up the fire it makes a fantastical atmosphere. It's a nice candle with two sides.

In today's lesson, as we teach how to make a refreshing sky candle we will also teach

◆tricks and precautions of making the cloud
◆the best temperature for the wax to finish off the sky and cloud beautifully
◆how to make the 2 color gradation in a pattern
◆the one small touch to make the candle stable

and more. We will teach from the basics.
It is very easy and recommended for beginners.

In addition, we will teach how to make the sky in one color
and in 2 color gradation.

For people who only knew how to make it with one color,
please master the gradation version
and broaden your artwork.

Once you master the techniques, you will be able to make it in different colors.

A summer blue sky, a clouded sky,
or a sky blue with a soft touch would be nice as well!

By mastering the gradation version,
you can express the sunset sky or the sunrise sky on the candle.

It will be pretty if you make a lot of them and line it up
so please master it and try making it in different variations.